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Our Remedies
BulletCat1st.gif Blood, Lymphatic & Autoimmune Disorders (26)
BulletCat1st.gif Breast Disorders (11)
BulletCat1st.gif Circulation Diseases (40)
BulletCat1st.gif Ear Conditions (4)
BulletCat1st.gif Endocrine, Nutritional & Metabolic Diseases (23)
BulletCat1st.gif Eye Conditions (24)
BulletCat1st.gif Female Reproductive Diseases (27)
BulletCat1st.gif Gastrointestinal Diseases (47)
BulletCat1st.gif Heart Diseases (19)
BulletCat1st.gif Infectious & Parasitic Diseases (31)
BulletCat1st.gif Insect Stings & Animal Bites (3)
BulletCat1st.gif Kidney Diseases (15)
BulletCat1st.gif Liver & Gallbladder Diseases (19)
BulletCat1st.gif Male Reproductive Diseases (24)
BulletCat1st.gif Menstruation Related Conditions (10)
BulletCat1st.gif Mental & Behavioral Disorders (35)
BulletCat1st.gif Mouth & Teeth Conditions (27)
BulletCat1st.gif Musculoskeletal Diseases (51)
BulletCat1st.gif Neoplasms (55)
BulletCat1st.gif Neurological Disorders (69)
BulletCat1st.gif Pregnancy, Childbirth & Puerperium (13)
BulletCat1st.gif Prostate Diseases (3)
BulletCat1st.gif Rectal & Anal Diseases (8)
BulletCat1st.gif Respiratory Diseases (32)
BulletCat1st.gif Sexual Disorders (7)
BulletCat1st.gif Skin Conditions (92)
BulletCat1st.gif Thyroid Diseases (5)
BulletCat1st.gif Urologic Diseases (16)

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 Profile of our Herbalist Doctors

Following is a brief profile of our highly qualified and experienced team of Traditional Chinese Medicine experts. It is through their vast experience and dedicated team work that Hsin Kuang enjoys the reputation it has today.

Dr. Kuan Yin received his medical training at Guangzhou Medical College in Guangzhou, China in 1953. Three years after he came to London he founded Hsin Kuang Herbal Clinic and Store in 1956 in the Kensington district. With his vision and knowledge TCM gained wide recognition not just in London but all over the UK. He managed to attract the best TCM experts to work along with him to make Hsin Kuang a success.
DR. Xio Hi specialized in herbology in 1967 from Guangzhou Medical College in Guangzhou. She has spent most of her life in researching traditional patient record data and correlating disease names as ascribed in western medicine. An invaluable contribution to bringing TCM to the western world.
Dr. Chen Shing is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his practice. Throughout his career, Dr. Shing has combined his interest in alternative treatment methods with Western medicine. M.D., National Taiwan University 1963.
Dr. Lon Shaiming graduate of Gansu University of TCM, has been a doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine since 1975. In 1991, following eleven years of extensive medical training, he received both his MD and PhD from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing).
Dr. Hui Ying is a qualified practitioner in both traditional acupuncture and zen shiatsu (Japanese acupressure massage). She taught Chinese medicine at the European School of Shiatsu Therapy and Movement for ten years.
Dr. Shen Long graduated from the Western Medical University and the Traditional Chinese Medical University, both in Shanghai, China. He was an MD in China, and practiced a combination of Western and Chinese medicine there for over 10 years.
Dr. Li Mei After practicing for 2 years in Tokyo, Japan, she studied at the Academy of Chinese Culture and is the youngest member of our team and has been with us since 2003.


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